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Keepon: The Dancing Robot
April 1, 2009, 8:49 pm
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This week, due to a recent lack of photos that have really struck in a way that’s different f rom my earlier posts, I’m posting a video of a tiny robot dancing. That makes sense…

Anyway, this little bot is called Keepon, and  he was actually developed to interact with autistic children as a way to create non-threatening eye contact and social interaction. In this video, though, he just jams around Tokyo with his creator.

The song is “Don’t You Evah” by Spoon, and, if you watch, you can see a couple of the band members around the video. Both the white guy who stops to give some change to Keepon and the other white guy in sunglasses behind the duo on the escalator are members of Spoon. The video was produced by Wired Magazine.

Not photography, I know, but aspects of it do, in fact, fit an aesthetic style that I tend to be drawn to. Tokyo, in particular, is an entity unto itself  that has always attracted me for constantly changing reasons. At this point, the meeting of clean modern lines and somewhat dirty city settings create an interesting combination for me. Like the interchange photos I posted a while back, the combination  of clean design/lines and rougher/urban setting intrigues me.

But, more importantly: dancing robot!


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First of all, I want to say that is a pretty amazing dancing robot. While it is dancing It almost looks as though it could be an animation versus being an actual object. I also like the aesthetics of the whole video. My favorite part would have to be when his creator brings him into the room with all of the other robots and they just have a dance party! Tyler, you would.

Comment by jmstevens

Not only do I love Spoon but now anytime I listen to them I’m going to think of this little yellow robot. So congrats on the good vid find. And I could see the modern lines of the city that were of particular interest to you. Makes me want to find a visually appealing video to post to my own blog.

Comment by collinrl

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that is so cute. i like spoon and i also like cute things that dance….so this video was basically amazing to me.

Comment by eosmall

I give my J364 class extra credit if they show me really great video samples. This would totally earn you points in that class! Fun stuff.

Comment by mcgill

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